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ABM (Associated Battery Manufacturers) is the largest
battery manufacturing company in East and Central Africa

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ABM produces two types of batteries:


For all types of vehicles and models.
They are grouped into:
• Low maintenance /Vented
• Maintenance free


For solar (PV) systems, home and office
backup systems, commercial and
domestic backup applications.

ABM uses state of the art processes
and equipment to produce

Responsible Production is the 12th goal of the global Sustainable Development Goals. In line with this, ABM goes to great lengths to ensure that all products are recycled.

Chloride Exide Ltd, which is ISO 9001 certified, is the largest battery and renewable energy distributor in the East African region, with a region-wide network of over 17 branches and over 400 dealers.

Chloride Exide Kenya
Limited (CEKL)
established in Kenya
in 1963

Chloride Exide Tanzania Limited (CETL) established in Tanzania in 1996

Battery Masters Uganda Limited (BMUL) established in Uganda in 2001

Chloride Exide’s core business is sales and distribution of:

Established in

Formerly known as Chloride Metals Kenya, it was established in 1979. Its core activities are collecting scrap batteries from customers, smelting, blending and refining lead for battery manufacture..

ABM Athi River follows world-class quality standards:
ISO 9001 certification
ISO 14001 certification
ABM Athi River produces lead at 99.99% purity.

Solinc East Africa Ltd is a solar company that provides high quality solar products and services. Formerly known as Ubbink East Africa Ltd, Solinc is a joint venture between Dutch-based Ubbink B.V. and Kenyan based ABM Ltd. In 2015, the company became majority Kenyan owned, and thus renamed to Solinc.

SOLINC'S first solar module factory in East and Central Africa began production in 2011.
SOLINC follows world class quality standards:
KEBS Diamond mark
ISO 9001 certification
ISO 14001 certification

ISO 9001 &&
ISO 14001

SOLINC Products

Photovoltaic Modules

High-performance solar modules

Locally produced in Naivasha, Kenya, to European standards using European components

Solar Kits

Affordable, quality assured solar kits

Solutions to light homes, charge phones and TVs

German Fosera solar kits and Solarland solar kits

Solar Streetlights

Environmentally friendly lighting solutions to keep our streets safe

Plug-and-Play German Fosera street light solutions

Customized solutions

Precision Plastics is the leading moulder of plastic products in Kenya

They manufacture:


Crates and containers


Not SetKaizen is the art of continual improvement
ABM is committed to continually improving processes, products and systems as well as helping individuals to grow.

  • abm uses the following kaizen pillars 

  • 1

    Total Flow Management (TFM)

    This includes assessment of the supply chain, from suppliers of ABM’s raw materials to ABM’s processes and operations, through to the customer experience.

    ABM streamlines processes in order reduce time, and optimize our delivery and deliver on
    time and error-free.

  • 2

    Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)

    This is the maximization of ABM’s facilities and equipment.
    It has two sub-pillars:

    • Autonomous Maintenance
    • Planned Maintenance
  • 3

    Total Quality Management

    ABM looks to continuously improve and manage the quality of delivery of products and services, as well as the improvement of the staff.

  • 4


    Here, ABM :
    a)   Sorts: ABM use only what we need
    b)   Sets in order: ABM keeps everything in its place
    c)   Shines: ABM maintains cleanliness
    d)  Standardizes: The company establishes standard operating procedures
    e)  Sustains: ABM continuously improves the system
    f)   Ensures Safety: The company implements and improves safety measures for our staff

  • 5


    Once a new principle or process has been identified within the optimization pillars above, ABM ensures that those new principles remain standard. In order to achieve this, ABM appoints a coordinator or manager of each pillar. This ensures that everyone receives the same treatment as all of ABM staff is equal.


ABM was established in 1963 by the UK-based Chloride Group to produce batteries in Kenya for a number of British manufacturers including Chloride, Oldham, Lucas and Dunlop. Currently ABM has a combined workforce of over 700 staff, recovering over 12000 metric tonnes of lead metal, producing over 1,000,000 batteries and making solar panels with a capacity of over 8,400 kilowatts per year. The company is guided by the vision; ''Energy Solutions for All".

ABM was established by the UK-based Chloride Group to produce batteries in Kenya for a number of British manufacturers: Chloride, Oldham, Lucas and Dunlop.


Chloride Metals Kenya Ltd (CMK) was established with a furnace capacity of about 100 tons per month in Athi River.

A CMK lead mine was established at Chigangoni Hill, 17km from Mazeras. However, it was discontinued in 1988 due to low lead yields.


First Polypropylene encased battery was successfully launched.

ABM Athi River (formerly CMK) commissioned a new 5metre furnace to increase smelting capacity to 1000 tons per month.


ABM produced the first 100% Maintenance Free Battery.

Commissioned new High Capacity continuous casting and Pasting Machines


A new high capacity lead refining factory commissioned at ABM Athi River

ABM Produced the first 100% Maintenance Free Solar Battery


Produced 1 Million Batteries


ABM's manufacturing plant is installed with world-class machinery,
equipment and separators.

ABM uses state of the art hygrosetting ovens to cure grids in just a few hours.

The paste produced in
the value streams is the
active material of our


At ABM’s facility, specialized equipment is used to ensure high quality products.

  • Mill Plant

    This is where pure lead ingots are milled to make lead powder. The plant, run by only one operator, produces 22 tons a day.
  • Ovens (Inert Gas)

    There are negative (non-gas) ovens which easily react with oxygen, and positive ones which don’t.
  • Mac Parter

    This brushes the LABs and ensures ideal fusion at the Custom Strap (COS).
  • Hygrosetting Oven

    They cure the grids for batteries in a few hours.
  • Custom On Strap (COS)

    Here, elements are grouped in a mold and banded together.
  • Silos

    There are two silos for finished products and one silo for the semi-finished ones. The silos keep products in pristine condition.
  • Mac Paster

    This attaches the paste to the grid.
  • Fire and Safety

    Stringent fire and safety measures are implemented to ensure workers’ safety.
  • Quality Controls

    Rigorous tests throughout the manufacturing process are performed to ensure that we can instantly find and remedy any fault.